Consider This

Let me start by saying that I am not an expert on race.  On the contrary, until a few years ago I knew very little about the history of blacks in America.  What I've learned so far has caused me to have a paradigm shift in the way that I view race in America.  Here are some things I hope everyone will consider.  Some of these questions are mine, others come from here.

1.  Young black boys growing up on plantations in the Delta were often required to miss school in order to work the fields.  This went on well in the 1960's.  How would this practice effect literacy in black families today?

2.  My parents and grandparents were able to rent housing in any neighborhood they could afford.

3.  They were also able to get home loans regardless of the color of their skin.  If not, how would that impact their ability to build wealth?

4. I can get a job with an employer who believes in affirmative action without co-workers suspecting that I got it because of my race.

5. From very young ages, children look at the world around them in an effort to understand how and where they fit in.  Can you look in mainstream media and see people who look like you represented fairly and in a wide range of roles?  If not, how might this influence your unconscious view of yourself?

6. I can go shopping most of the time, pretty well assured that I will not be followed or harassed.

7. If my car breaks down on a deserted stretch of road, I can trust that the law enforcement officer who shows up will be helpful.

8. I think twice about calling the police when trouble occurs for fear that they will assume I am the problem because of the color of my skin.

9. The schools in my community teach about my race and heritage and present it in positive ways.

10. If you're good at something do people call you "a credit to your race"?

11.  If you speak properly do people tell you that you "talk white"?


  1. 1.It would make it easier to place less focus on schooling so southern blacks would still tend to be less literate.
    2.My grand parents lived in company housing when they were raising my parents but later were able to buy the company house they had lived in. My father rented house from the catholic church till they sold it and then he was able to but a house where ever he could afford it.
    3.they were able to get loan, I am white so I guess the color of their skin didn't matter much. My father was the janitor at the school I attended and my rich school girl friends, even the nuns never let me forget it.
    4. I don't believe my race ever affected my job application.
    5.Growing up in the late 60's was a very interesting time. I lived in west virginia and was taught from an early age that WV gained state hood because we did not want to side with the south. I think most people in WV were either really rich or really poor did not matter much what your skin color was however my father told me as a young man nobody ever discussed their "race" cause in the coal mine communities everyone was segregated from everyone. I went to school with black kids but not many. I remember so many films of the day that changed my life and views of the south, Sidney poiter playing a blind man in butterflies are free, to kill a mocking bird, the great film of the negro maid who raised her daughter with a white girl. The young negro girl became so confused and hurt by her identity The pain in the film was intense. Several others but I cannot remember names, what I do remember is the courage, the tenacity, the pain that was portrayed in these amazing people who were able to continue to love, to forgive and to pass on love to their children. Amazing.
    6.pretty much I can
    7.Well I am old now and not as trusting as I once might have been. Also coming from good old WV I would probably just start walking..... that is if I couldn't fix the car.
    8.Don't usually like to call the cops anyway, if I can avoid it but yea I guess I can. I don't know if I could say the same for my sons though. They have never been involved in crime but some of their political alignment is not highly favored
    9.Yes, I think growing up the negro race was portrayed to me in a favorable light but I was raised north of VA but south of the Mason Dixon
    10. I can't say anyone has said those words to me but I haven't be known for much 'cept being an ok mom, only cause I loved my kids enough to be honest with them not because I really knew what to do as a parent and a nurse.
    11.not sure about that one either, when I'm really comfortable I talk hillbilly so don't much matter, I say.However I do know how to talk well if I feel the need. I have always felt if you want to have a conversation with someone it is best to speak their language otherwise the won't hear what you say. That doesn't mean I have to be able to speak Spanish to talk with someone from Spain I just need to be able to understand what it is the are trying to communicate to me. Body/sign language says a lot about who a person is and how you can best communicate with them.

  2. Very interesting article and points made.... Now lets turn this around to what we have today...
    1. Mississippians have been held back for decades in that I have worked and am now dating one. I can only tell you that it is a truth to what ive always thought of people from certain areas. Being "PLUM DUMB" is the culture... I didnt make it up... Just what I saw better known as " BACKWARDS THINKING"
    2. Both sides of the track feed into the ideals of separate but equal in many areas however, when blacks or whites venture out of their comfort Travel to northern east states they are presently surprised of the amont of well-to-do blacks living in the same neiborhoods with whites and also mixed with latinos and other nationalities.
    3. Education in the DELTA states are far behind Virginia requirements... I researched this because im currently dating a woman who's 12 year old child lives in Mississippi with her grandparents and cousins... I tell you I cant understand a word she says sometimes but know she is far more intelligent than most of the adults.. I currently have her studying a virginia curriculum from the 5th grade and she keeps telling me she's not familiar with the material... She just graduated from the 5th grade.... I told her she has to get up to speed because on this side of the US people really care about education.
    4. The adults either dont care or their educational careers were over way back in grade school. This is evident by the lack of push and drive for the young child to excel