I'm starting a movement.  Actually, consider this your formal invitation to start a movement with me.  We're going to save kids in the Delta who might otherwise fall through the cracks of our well-intentioned, yet faltering, educational system.

Sign up HERE for updates on what you can do (I promise it won't hurt) and to learn the details of exactly how my family, with a little help from Lynn Roer at Ogilvy and Matherwill be honoring my grandfather's legacy by fulfilling his lifelong dream.

How are we doing this?  We're reopening Booker's Place and turning it into a literacy center that will be staffed by educators trained in specific reading disorders.  There are programs out there, reading curricula, that have the power to change the course of a child's life.  Unfortunately, very few school districts in the country can afford to offer them.  Booker's Place will utilize these world-class, proven effective curricula, so that the children we serve can receive the gift of literacy.

Because literacy = freedom.