Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Daily Download

My mom spoke with M.W. today.  Not only did they speak, but it sounds like they had a really lovely conversation.  M.W. seemed nervous about speaking with David and asked my mom to tell him in advance that her memory is not very good.

My mom seemed worried about this until I reminded her that she said the same thing.  Everyone says that at first.

One of the production coordinators (PC) on this project is a photography nut.  She did some additional research on the connection between Tom Boring, the dentist and Bill Eggleston, the famous photographer.  Apparently, there are a few photos that are somewhat famous that include Tom Boring, the dentist who was friends with my grandfather, Booker Wright.  In at least two of the photographs Tom Boring is naked.  In one of them, he appears to be in a room filled with graffiti.  It turns out that he'd spray painted the walls himself.

The PC went on to explain how important Eggleston's work is and that he was a part of the Warhol scene.

So, my grandfather, whose life ended when he was 46, worked for over 20 years at a historic restaurant that is still in business today, ran a successful nightclub that was visited by musical greats like BB King, was interviewed on a news program that was shown around the country, became close friends with a man who was somehow part a group that would revolutionize art around the world, and then he was murdered either by an angry man who acted alone, an angry man who was hired by a white cop, a woman from the club, or a woman from Chicago.

How in the world did his story sleep for all these years?


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