Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Case of the Missing Eyewitness

One of the witnesses in Lloyd "Blackie" Cork's murder trial shared more details than any of the others about what happened the night that my grandfather was murdered.  She testified regarding the people Cork was talking to, she saw Booker kick Blackie out, she saw Booker's gun, she was also standing so close to Booker that she was injured as well.  Most of the other witnesses seemed to corroborate pieces of this witness's testimony.  She was the one who had the closest thing to the "whole" story.

A few months ago we got a lead on how to find her.  A family with her last name owns a Greenwood radio station.  For the last several days I've been trying to get a hold of one of the family members.  Yesterday I did and they confirmed that they do not have anyone in their family by that name living in Greenwood.  They also explained that, while their family's been in Greenwood for more than two decades, they weren't living there when my grandfather was murdered.

We have two other on the ground, local sources who are excellent at uncovering people for this research.  A guy who owns a local store and a woman who just seems to know everyone.  Neither of them knows my witness.

I noticed this morning that in the transcripts the lawyer frequently asks the jury if they can understand her.  Apparently, there was something about her speech that made it difficult for them to always get what she was saying.  Maybe I need to find some people from the outlying, more rural communities to help locate her.

I really need another break in this puzzle.  I'm  starting to feel burnt out on closed doors.


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