Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two Daughters Remember Booker Wright

This morning we sat down with my mom and Vera at Doe’s Eat Place.  I honestly think it was the best interview we’ve had so far.  They were both quite relaxed.  We talked all about Booker and what they remembered of him. 

Before the shoot Vera was recalling how excited I was when I called her to tell her that Booker had done something special and that people were interested in him.  She said that she didn’t want to make me feel bad because she could tell that I was so excited, but at the time, she thought that they had the wrong person because her dad was just a regular guy.  And now, here we are. 

It was amazing to hear their recollections of him.  Taking the time to really go back and remember their daddy was clearly cathartic and healing for them both. 

When I was growing up my mom never really talked about Booker.  Actually, she simply never talked about him….period.  It’s weird to hear her talk about him now with such love and affection. 

She loved him.  I think the reason she didn’t talk about him at all when I was a kid was because she was afraid of the pain.  It was devastating for her to lose him the way that she did.  I think it broke her heart. 

Maybe she wasn’t able to give her whole heart to me when I was young because she was still reeling from the pain of Booker’s death.  Maybe I can let her off the hook. 


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