Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Littles

I already miss my kids.  My oldest vowed to stay awake all night, but he was asleep within a few minutes of laying down for the night.  I kept going in to check on him, half hoping that he'd wake up and that I could get just one more hug.  My plan for the night was to get some quality time with my little guys before heading off for 11 days.  Instead we ate a rushed dinner at Pita Jungle, went to Nordstrom's to pick up a pair of jeans I was having altered, hung out in the mall parking lot while we searched for my van, and then went home.  

The minute we walked in the door we all went our separate ways.  My youngest wanted his shirt removed so that he could do his business -  it's a quirk, I think it's adorable.  My oldest was upstairs reconnecting with his toys and I was checking emails.  The doorbell rang and it was a neighbor boy from down the street wanting to play with my kids.  I chatted with his mom while the boys played, then they went home and I realized that it was almost time for my littles to go to bed.  We only had about 20 minutes to cuddle on the couch and read a few chapters of a Magic Treehouse book.  

My oldest son is so warm these days, he's so open about his feelings.  He's not afraid to be vulnerable which is HUGE for him.  My youngest can never get enough cuddles, kisses, and backrubs.  I simply enjoy them.  I wish I could've scooped them up, put them in my luggage and brought them along with me on this journey.  

I keep wondering what it would mean to me if Booker Wright had blogged about his life and his thoughts.  This is actually one of three blogs that I maintain.  Hopefully one day my children or even their children will be interested in my thoughts and adventures.  I write this for them, to bring honesty and humanity to their memories of me.  


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