Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Email I Just Sent to David

I just got off the phone with Margurite Butler.  For the first time she and I talked about Erby Butler.  Without any prompting from me, these were some of the things she mentioned.  

She said that she never understood where the gun came from that Lloyd Cork used to kill Booker.  She said that Cork was with a friend that night who had a pick-up truck and that the gun was in the truck.  I don't know where this information came from and it's too late for me to call my Greenwood contacts right now.  And I probably won't have time to do that until late tomorrow afternoon.  Anyway, she makes a good point.  Nowhere in the 210 pages of transcripts is a gun mentioned.  They also don't mention the types of crimes Cork had committed before.  Was he even in a position to secure a weapon like that?

I asked her if she knew anything about Erby attacking Blackie in prison.  She said that she'd always believed that the whole thing was set up.  She just blurted that out the minute I mentioned it!  She said the people in the prison knew that Blackie had murdered Erby's brother and that it made no sense to have them in the same population.  And you know what, I agree with her.  

Okay, so I am just sort of beside myself..I guess I'm freaking out a little bit.  What if someone arranged for this to happen?  I feel like I am going to come out of my skin if someone else is walking around, living their life, thinking that they got away with murdering my grandfather.  I know the odds of us ever getting to the "truth" are unlikely.  Sorry to be so emotional, this is just really, really fresh.  

I just keep putting little pieces together:

1. Not a single witness was called in his case.
2. No defense was presented.  And I'm not saying "no defense" for dramatic effect.  His attorneys literally did not put forth any sort of an argument at all.
3. Cork was not mirandized, his attorneys failed to mention this as well until the appeal.
4. Then they put him in prison within reach of his victim's brother, a known murderer.  

Maybe there's a simple explanation for all of this...I almost hope that there is.  The alternative turns my stomach.  I'm going to bed, I'm too upset.  I'll sleep on this.  Maybe it's nothing, maybe I'm just too close to it to see that none of these individual pieces make a whole.  

What do you think?


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