Friday, April 22, 2011

Surprising New Information

Towards the end of my call with Margurite she shared something major with me, something about Booker that I didn't know and that I've never heard from anyone in my family.

What do I do with this new information?  Do I tell David and Ray without telling my family?  Maybe these pieces aren't relevant to the film.  I really think they're not.  But what if David and Raymond find this information out on their own and use it without our knowledge?  Can I trust that they'll tell me about it if they do find out on their own?

The other thing I'm wrestling with is that Vera seems so fragile.  She hasn't heard the audio from the video yet, and I don't know if she really even wants to.  She actually said that it was painful enough to just see her father on screen.  She expressed that hearing his voice may just be too much for her.  I'm grappling with trying to figure out how to be sensitive to the pain that remembering seems to be causing her, while trying to collect and organize as much data as I can so that I can work with David and Ray on making a great film about my grandfather.

Can I justify hurting the living in my search to understand the dead?

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  1. Are you still struggling with this? I know it's an older post. Darlin the truth hurts no matter what,so I hope that you included the whole story in the film. If not, re edit and let family know that there may be portions they don't want to see. They lived it Yvette, you can't hurt them more than they have already been hurt.

    All you can do is be true to your Grandfather and shield any family from more pain.