Monday, September 24, 2007

Registering to Vote

On page 220 of "From the Mississippi Delta" by Endesha Ida Mae Holland, there is a line that reads "Booker Wright, who had worked for years in a white-owned cafe, went to the courthouse to register to vote one morning, only to find his job gone that afternoon."

This is the first time that I have heard this version of the story. I have been told that he said something in the media that sparked a change of views within the black community. I just looked over my notes from my conversation with Senator Jordan, he mentioned something about Booker being involved in the "voter's league". Was it when he was registering to vote that he made the remarks that so enraged his employers at Lusco's? Or did he get fired for registering to vote? According to Holland, this occurred in 1963.

I found three references to Booker's Cafe in Holland's book, in each reference she is recalling a time when she visited the cafe. In one instance she refers to it in a way that implies she frequented his cafe a lot.

The plot thickens.


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